Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Quilting

Here's a little of what has been in the works here lately:

Finished quilting Project Linus quilts numbers 7 & 8 for this year (they do the binding):

this one was soft flannel

Quilted one more Quilt of Valor for our meeting this Friday:

Finished up quilting and binding my Scrappy Trails quilt.  It will go into a stack until I fill a box for Wrap-a-Smile:

And kept taking my walks - these are the guest ducks that visited out pond recently.  They must have been blown off of their normal migration path because we don't often see a beautiful Mallard in our little pond!

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Ginny said...

Can't imaging what class can teach you - love these - but glad you are thinking of taking it in my area!