Saturday, November 22, 2014

On a Roll Now

Had to take a break awhile back and go to the new car show.  My SUV is getting older and is getting to that stage where we will soon have to make repairs or bit the bullet and get a new car.  Since my husband is tall and I am short, we have to test a few models to see if we both fit, hence the car show!  We got there right when they opened and we were not the first to arrive:

 First up was the Geico gecko, and obligatory Kodak moment of course:

I really like the Jeep – DH likes the Grand Cherokee and I like the stripped down regular Cherokee:

The Hyundai Santa Fe was surprisingly roomy inside, but I don’t know a thing about Hyundai’s:

They didn’t let you get in the Ford Explorer – boo, hiss!  That’s what I have now and just might get another, but that means a visit to the dealer – big bummer – I don’t like car salesmen!

So the adventure will continue, but not right away.

And then it was back to quilting.  I finished this little batik top using my center braided section and some donated batik squares that I dissected and put onto the sides – perfect fit!

And I worked up this cute Ellie-Fun top.  After posting the pic on Facebook I went back and added the eyes – they turned out ok:

I finished quilting/binding these three for another Sunshine Quilt Guild member.  They will be sent off Monday to Wrap-a-Smile to beat the Christmas package rush.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Today was finally the day for that binding blitz that I have been meaning to do - it's easy once you get started!

Oh, and that fat racoon wasn't fat after all - she had twins!
Mom in the front - kids in the back

Friday, November 7, 2014

Always a Little Behind

Catching up seems to be the story of my life these days.  I have quilted a top for the local Quilts of Valor group that has been in my sewing room for weeks:

I have put together some kits that I can just pick up and sew a little at a time when the days get busy.  Some are just strips cut into the right sizes and others are in blocks:
Angry Birds



I have taken a few walks (too few) and caught a photo of our alligator currently in residence:

And sat around reading a few books.  Now I am caught up - maybe I should go dust and vacuum!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making Something for Me

I took a break from my usual charity quilting to make a little something for me.  Well, actually, it is a Monster-size something for me!

I signed up for a class last week to learn how to make a Mat Carrier Tote and Ruler Caddy so I could easily drag all of my supplies to classes and group meetings.

This thing really is huge since my large 17 x 24 inch mat fits into the pocket inside.

And the Ruler Caddy fits my 6 x 24 inch ruler easily.

I picked a whimsical owl fabric for the Caddy and the Tote has eyeballs (hiding in the aspen leaves quilting) and cute owls quilted across the bottom.

I love how it turned out and it will be very useful and protect my supplies.

Oh, and while we’re doing cute things, these are the new birdhouses in my neighbor’s backyard.  Since I regularly feed the birds (and inadvertently the squirrels), we were laughing that together we were now running a Bed and Breakfast!

Too cute …

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

On the Frame - quilting a friend's top

work in process last night

work in process today - ready to sew rows

the beginning of Fall in Florida?

Friday, October 10, 2014

One More Quilted

The thread kept breaking on the quilt I showed in the last post, so I put the whole machine, frame and computer in a time-out last Wednesday night.  I didn’t get back to it until this evening (had to pull a few weeds yesterday and today), and it finished the last two passes of the panto like a charm – not a single broken thread.  Go figure.
The blue behind it is the backing loaded for the next quilt.
This is another one made by Beth in NJ’s sister’s MIL.  It will go to Wrap-a-Smile when I get that pile waiting for bindings finished!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quilting Requires an Easy Recipe!

My DH is off socializing and I have this quilt top on the frame:

Of course, I don't want to take much time away from quilting, but I needed to cook some chicken I had in the fridge so I whipped up this easy-peasy meal:

The sauce is Campbell's Teriyaki flavor - new to me.

I just put the chicken into the pan, dumped the frozen stir-fry vegetables on top and poured the sauce over the whole thing.  It bakes at 400 for 40 minutes, served it over white rice and Voila!

Oops ... this was supposed to show the pretty presentation - too late!
It’s 10 WW points (3 for the chicken, 4 for the sauce, 3 for the rice - the veggies are zero) so it’s not too bad and it’s at least as tasty as a restaurant meal.  The sauce would be a little too sweet for some (and I didn’t even add the optional pineapple chunks), but it was ok for me.  And now it’s back upstairs to continue quilting!  

Oh, and I always celebrate when I empty a spool of thread because it means lots of quilts have been made and are out the door to the kids-in-need.  Wonderful feeling ...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilting Again

Yesterday’s project was a cute top made by the MIL of the sister of a friend in NJ (a fellow member of our Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild).  Nice networking Beth!

Beth warned me of the possibility of rippling borders.  This happens when a person does not measure the mathematically correct side and top borders to square up the quilt.  But this particular quilt had another small issue:

Yep … this happened to me once, too.  The is where someone had fussy cut a piece out (you can tell by the pinked edges), then the rest of the yardage was unknowingly cut for borders forgetting there was a dip in it.  So my solution was to cut all of the borders down by a small amount – and it ended up helping tremendously with less rippling since there was less fabric in the borders (win-win).

The pictures don’t do it justice, but the center is the Disney princesses (or are they fairies since some of them have wings? I have to keep up with Disney – it’s mandatory in the State of Florida – ha!):

This top also used several different materials – one was a textured thin material, the awua below (maybe a type of chenille – can’t remember the name) with raised thread dots, and one was a pique (that might have been a cotton blend) and, of course, quilting cotton.  I wasn’t sure how the machine would quilt these various types – i.e., would the tension handle it ok?  But they all worked beautifully and the aqua has a nice feel with that texture.  I just wish it wasn't so thin.

The quilting is a panto called Fable (appropriate, huh?).  This is the finish before binding … that stack is growing …

Those squares that appear grey are actually light green and light blue!

I have more of these tops to finish and some of Beth’s, too, so it’s up to the sewing room I go!