Saturday, December 27, 2014

Took the Day Off

Finished up this quick little top for Quilts for Kids on Friday, then took Saturday off!

Had to play with the dog and her new Christmas present.

Hard to get a good picture since she wanted to show off her new toy, but didn't want anybody else to have it!  Everybody got a little something fun for Christmas ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

End of the Year Projects

Found some time today to get back into the sewing room and finished up the dog panel for Quilts for Kids.  I am getting a free roll of batting to use for quilting Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Kids so I am working up a few tops to have on hand when the batting arrives at the first of the new year.

This is the finished top – turns out the panel was printed wonky (as they are sometimes) and it was difficult to square up the top with the borders.  Might have trouble getting this one to lay flat when quilting, but I’ll do my best!

And, of course, I have to have multiple projects in the works, so this will be an  alternating 4-patch and novelty squares top – the yellow will be the first border:

And this kitty panel will be one of the next on the drawing board:

We’ve been having some lovely sunsets, but rain is expected tomorrow.

But if there is no lightning, then I’ll be sewing - Always something fun to work with around here!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Box and Last Delivery of 2014

My thread delivery came through so I finished up the last quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders and got it out the door:

panto called Feather Elegance

This is the last one to be mailed to the Navajo Nation in Bennett Freeze, Ariz.  The colors really appealed to me – I think the line was called Midwinter Reds by Moda.

And I quilted this last one up right away to give back to the Project Linus people here locally who will bind it and get it to a child in the hospital.  Great group!
panto called Hearts Surfing
But there’s no time like the present to start on something else:

I’m playing with blocks to try to figure out something symmetrical to go around that center panel and hopefully end up with a nice “boy” quilt for Quilts for Kids (another local group for kids in the hospital).

More blocks in the works … and maybe a whole new design … we’ll see!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Working With Homespuns

I love the look of homespun fabrics - the plaids, the colors, how they get softer and softer in the wash, etc.  But I cannot love how the squares slip and slide and stretch during the sewing process!

Nevertheless, I am putting together this little quilt that has mostly homespuns mixed with a few flannels.  It will be very cozy when its finished and backed with snuggly flannel.  I am using scraps, triangles and leftover blocks that were sent to me by a fellow Sunshine Quilt Guild member.  It's just plain fun to work with someone else's stash sometimes!

I am adding blocks at the top and bottom to make it just a little larger, then it will be ready to quilt.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wait ... No Thread???!!!

What is this world coming to when a person can run out of thread for their longarm machine?  I thought I had one more spool and then would order (hopefully with an after-Christmas sale), but NO!

I finished quilting up this one for Project Linus.  It's similar to a previous one but this one has a light outer border and the other one was dark.  The panto was called Anne's Favorite and mirrored some of the flowers in the print:

And then I went to load another, and found that I only had red, gold and blue cones left (for Quilts of Valor quilts).  Big Bummer.  Off went the on-line order and now I wait.

Of course, I went back to working with the homespun fabrics that I had been sent by a friend and it is looking great ... but, still ... out of thread?  Who does that?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And the Box Went Out the Door

I meant to pack up a box to Wrap-a-Smile last week and get it out before Thanksgiving, but I quilted another donated quilt and figured I could add it to the box - then another happened - I guess I was on a roll quilting and the box needed to be more full!

Here are the two extra quilts that went into the box.  First up is one pieced by Beth in NJ (a member of my Sunshine On-Line Quilt Guild) that I quilted with a panto called Floral Wave:

 And the second is another one from Beth's sister's MIL - quilted with a panto called I Love You [hearts and loops]:

The others in the box were included in this post.  And now the box is finally full and really in the mail!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Sewing

I have made a crib-size quilt before from Eleanor Burns' Quick Trip Around the World book and it turned out well (see this link for that one):

So this time I decided to go for the lap size.    This is my progress so far on my Sewing on Sunday:
I didn't realize my colors were similar to the book cover's until I posted this photo!

These aren't really Quilt in a "Day"s for me - LOL.  I call them my Quilt in a "Week"s!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sending Off Quilts

I worked up this little charming quilt (sorry quilters who will understand that bad pun!) to get it out quickly at the request of Quilts Beyond Borders.  This one and the finished Mickey Mouse quilt will be going to the children of the Navajo Nation in Bennett Freeze, Arizona.

What would a child of the desert want for Christmas?  A quilt with ocean creatures, of course!  It is quilted with lots of different size fishes.

And who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?  I finally got this one bound with cute polka dots.

Feels good to send a box off with quilts bound for their forever homes …

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Beth's - quilted with Floral Waves Panto

Next up on the frame - Destined for the Navajo Nation in the Bennett Freeze area of Arizona:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

On a Roll Now

Had to take a break awhile back and go to the new car show.  My SUV is getting older and is getting to that stage where we will soon have to make repairs or bit the bullet and get a new car.  Since my husband is tall and I am short, we have to test a few models to see if we both fit, hence the car show!  We got there right when they opened and we were not the first to arrive:

 First up was the Geico gecko, and obligatory Kodak moment of course:

I really like the Jeep – DH likes the Grand Cherokee and I like the stripped down regular Cherokee:

The Hyundai Santa Fe was surprisingly roomy inside, but I don’t know a thing about Hyundai’s:

They didn’t let you get in the Ford Explorer – boo, hiss!  That’s what I have now and just might get another, but that means a visit to the dealer – big bummer – I don’t like car salesmen!

So the adventure will continue, but not right away.

And then it was back to quilting.  I finished this little batik top using my center braided section and some donated batik squares that I dissected and put onto the sides – perfect fit!

And I worked up this cute Ellie-Fun top.  After posting the pic on Facebook I went back and added the eyes – they turned out ok:

I finished quilting/binding these three for another Sunshine Quilt Guild member.  They will be sent off Monday to Wrap-a-Smile to beat the Christmas package rush.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Today was finally the day for that binding blitz that I have been meaning to do - it's easy once you get started!

Oh, and that fat racoon wasn't fat after all - she had twins!
Mom in the front - kids in the back