Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And the Box Went Out the Door

I meant to pack up a box to Wrap-a-Smile last week and get it out before Thanksgiving, but I quilted another donated quilt and figured I could add it to the box - then another happened - I guess I was on a roll quilting and the box needed to be more full!

Here are the two extra quilts that went into the box.  First up is one pieced by Beth in NJ (a member of my Sunshine On-Line Quilt Guild) that I quilted with a panto called Floral Wave:

 And the second is another one from Beth's sister's MIL - quilted with a panto called I Love You [hearts and loops]:

The others in the box were included in this post.  And now the box is finally full and really in the mail!


Kate said...

hooray for you !!!!

Ginny said...

You are my hero! I can't imagine how you find the time to do all these.