Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally, A Box in the Mail

I finished up all four quilts that are meant to go on the scheduled trip to Russia with Quilts Beyond Borders.  These two were the tag-team effort by Sarah L and I.  She did the centers and I finished them up to size and quilted them:

And these are the two that I had finished:

That box got mailed off today, along with this one that went in a box by itself to Wrap-Them-in-Love.  The WTIL designated quilt has been ready for a long time, so I thought I’d best send it off and get it into the hands of a kid that needs it!

And I even got a little walking in.  This cormorant was drying his wings when I went by.  This was a fairly low pond still, so I don’t know if that means this diving duck caught a fish or not.  I know they catch them pretty readily in our pond.

This is the work in process today.  Looks like 3 Cats on the Brick Patio to me!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Finish to Show!

Finally, I had a full afternoon to sew – no storms in sight.  I was able to finish up this soothing blue quilt:

And I love the batik backing - perfect colors!

I was sent the center (with the squares all sewn) to do whatever I wanted to finish it up to 40x60 and send off to Quilts Beyond Borders.  So I added the medium blues and blue/grays for the borders and the appliqué and quilted it up.  I think a young lady will like it a lot.  All of the fabrics are so soft to the touch – it is very huggable!

And I made a lot of progress on the Lighthouses:

Again, the center was completed by a fellow guild member and sent to me to finish up.  I don’t know if the blocks on the ends look more like pinwheels or boat propellers!  Either way is ok to accompany the lighthouses …

I walked again this evening and found a few interesting items.  Our newspaper’s garden section recently had an article about lichens and I saw that a lot of the palms along my walk had lichens on them.  This one had both lichens and ferns:

And this was a pretty bed of bougainvillea (which is not easy to spell):

And both of my sago palms are “fronding”.  No, that’s not a technical gardening term – LOL.  Just means they have several rows of new fronds and are getting huge!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storms are Good and Bad

We needed the rain.  So, I really can’t complain when the normal thunder storms move through each day.  But they are really cramping my sewing!  I’m getting tired of unplugging the machines …  This is what’s in the works:

Aren’t those lighthouses wonderful?  That is another “center” that I was sent to finish up with my fabric.  I am making the pinwheels for part of the border and I’m really liking how it’s looking (the above is just a sneak preview).  These are made with the Lazy Angle Ruler instead of half-square triangles - just a little different look. 

But I was able to get a walk in today and check out what’s blooming.  It’s getting really hot and humid, so the begonias and petunias are long gone.  Now it’s marigolds, pentas and foliage plants.  I did see lots of magnolia blossoms bursting out:

And the elephant ears are happy with the extra water:

And the coleus are colorful:

So even with the grey skies, there’s always something to see!

Hope to have more of the pinwheels sewn tomorrow …

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just a Work in Progress

I was almost set to finish one of the quilts that I was sent a “center” to work with and I heard the thunder in the distance.  So I had to stop and unplug the machines and go comfort the dog.  She hates lightning and I love my machines too much to take a chance on a power surge!

The borders are not done being quilted so they look a little wavy, but they will be fine when I finish.  Next time I take photos I'll try to remember to include the batik backing.  I love this little quilt!  The center fabrics are so soft and huggable and I love the look of the batik.

Some quilts are just harder than others to give away!  If Sarah says it’s ok, this one might go to Russia with Quilts Beyond Borders.  Maybe I can finish it up tonight when the showers pass…

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Catching Up

Either I have fat fingers and I accidentally hit the "Publish" button or Blogger hiccupped and published my last entry before I had quite finished it.  Either way, this is the last note I was going to make on that post:

I was able to finish sewing together my Mystery quilt from the yahoo group called MysteryQuilts4Military and take it to my Quilts of Valor meeting in May.  They all loved it, of course, because it was a wonderful design!  I think it is going to get to go to Hawaii, but more on that later.

And I had this Rail Fence quilt on the frame to quilt:

I usually try to have the pieced part of the quilts fun and interesting and the backs more subdued and restful, but this one got the stars all over.  That bright star fabric was at a great price and too good to pass up, so it’s the backing, too.  It will go into the box for Quilts Beyond Borders.

I hurried up and finished the quilting today because we are expecting a Tropical Storm.  Doesn’t look too bad – just lots of rain and probably localized flooding at the usual low spots, but I can’t count on being able to use the machines if there is lightning.  So this is the WIP.  Still have to quilt the borders on the desktop machine and bind it, but it’s another one designated to go to QBB.

I’m also working on two “centers” that I received from a fellow Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild member.  I had just the right fabrics to finish these up to QBB-size, but that’s going to be a surprise that I won’t show until they’re finished … hang in there and let the suspense grow!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gone Fishin’ ?

No – but I wish I could say I was out fishing somewhere.  I have been able to dabble at quilting, but I hope that this time I can really get back into the swing of things and back to blogging regularly.  I have so many quilts to finish … but I’m sure every quilter can say that!

First, I have more news on a mystery that a friend and I were wondering about.  These orange bicycles are appearing all over in our region and we were suspecting a “watch out for bicyclists” agenda, or maybe an upcoming big bike race?

Well, back in 2011 it was a marketing ploy for a new fitness center to be opened in 2012 called OrangeTheory Fitness.  But either they are opening another center and not advertising yet, or these were leftover and are now being used to promote Tampa’s new Bike Sharing that will be available in 30 locations this Fall.  Still not sure of the answer, but getting closer …

Since I had to travel back and forth down to St Petersburg so much recently, I took a few pictures of the trees blooming:

The yellow is a Golden Rain Tree and the purple are Jacarandas.  They are a very popular tree and bloom magnificently before their leaves come out fully in the spring.  Although we also have them in Tampa, it is just that much farther south down in St Petersburg that they are more prolific and hardy down there.  Just about every block has one or two.  The pictures don't do them justice - they are grand to see.  They are almost bloomed out now.

This was a quilt on the frame for a long time before I finally had a moment to finish it up:

I call it “Who’s in the Jungle” because I like to get goofy with names.  I love the ethnic look to the prints.  The backing is a simple polka dot - and now I'm so glad to say that it's done!

And I also got around to this Scrappy Hearts quilt.  The heart blocks were from a 30s reproduction fabrics swap from way back in 2009.  Can you say “Elderly UFO”?!!  Glad to see it done and going somewhere – It’s the right size for Quilts Beyond Borders, so I think it’s destined for Russia.