Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gone Fishin’ ?

No – but I wish I could say I was out fishing somewhere.  I have been able to dabble at quilting, but I hope that this time I can really get back into the swing of things and back to blogging regularly.  I have so many quilts to finish … but I’m sure every quilter can say that!

First, I have more news on a mystery that a friend and I were wondering about.  These orange bicycles are appearing all over in our region and we were suspecting a “watch out for bicyclists” agenda, or maybe an upcoming big bike race?

Well, back in 2011 it was a marketing ploy for a new fitness center to be opened in 2012 called OrangeTheory Fitness.  But either they are opening another center and not advertising yet, or these were leftover and are now being used to promote Tampa’s new Bike Sharing that will be available in 30 locations this Fall.  Still not sure of the answer, but getting closer …

Since I had to travel back and forth down to St Petersburg so much recently, I took a few pictures of the trees blooming:

The yellow is a Golden Rain Tree and the purple are Jacarandas.  They are a very popular tree and bloom magnificently before their leaves come out fully in the spring.  Although we also have them in Tampa, it is just that much farther south down in St Petersburg that they are more prolific and hardy down there.  Just about every block has one or two.  The pictures don't do them justice - they are grand to see.  They are almost bloomed out now.

This was a quilt on the frame for a long time before I finally had a moment to finish it up:

I call it “Who’s in the Jungle” because I like to get goofy with names.  I love the ethnic look to the prints.  The backing is a simple polka dot - and now I'm so glad to say that it's done!

And I also got around to this Scrappy Hearts quilt.  The heart blocks were from a 30s reproduction fabrics swap from way back in 2009.  Can you say “Elderly UFO”?!!  Glad to see it done and going somewhere – It’s the right size for Quilts Beyond Borders, so I think it’s destined for Russia.

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Ginny said...

Think you solved! According to the website, the orange blah, blah.. fitness club is coming to Westchase soon!