Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storms are Good and Bad

We needed the rain.  So, I really can’t complain when the normal thunder storms move through each day.  But they are really cramping my sewing!  I’m getting tired of unplugging the machines …  This is what’s in the works:

Aren’t those lighthouses wonderful?  That is another “center” that I was sent to finish up with my fabric.  I am making the pinwheels for part of the border and I’m really liking how it’s looking (the above is just a sneak preview).  These are made with the Lazy Angle Ruler instead of half-square triangles - just a little different look. 

But I was able to get a walk in today and check out what’s blooming.  It’s getting really hot and humid, so the begonias and petunias are long gone.  Now it’s marigolds, pentas and foliage plants.  I did see lots of magnolia blossoms bursting out:

And the elephant ears are happy with the extra water:

And the coleus are colorful:

So even with the grey skies, there’s always something to see!

Hope to have more of the pinwheels sewn tomorrow …

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