Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Catching Up

Either I have fat fingers and I accidentally hit the "Publish" button or Blogger hiccupped and published my last entry before I had quite finished it.  Either way, this is the last note I was going to make on that post:

I was able to finish sewing together my Mystery quilt from the yahoo group called MysteryQuilts4Military and take it to my Quilts of Valor meeting in May.  They all loved it, of course, because it was a wonderful design!  I think it is going to get to go to Hawaii, but more on that later.

And I had this Rail Fence quilt on the frame to quilt:

I usually try to have the pieced part of the quilts fun and interesting and the backs more subdued and restful, but this one got the stars all over.  That bright star fabric was at a great price and too good to pass up, so it’s the backing, too.  It will go into the box for Quilts Beyond Borders.

I hurried up and finished the quilting today because we are expecting a Tropical Storm.  Doesn’t look too bad – just lots of rain and probably localized flooding at the usual low spots, but I can’t count on being able to use the machines if there is lightning.  So this is the WIP.  Still have to quilt the borders on the desktop machine and bind it, but it’s another one designated to go to QBB.

I’m also working on two “centers” that I received from a fellow Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild member.  I had just the right fabrics to finish these up to QBB-size, but that’s going to be a surprise that I won’t show until they’re finished … hang in there and let the suspense grow!

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