Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just a Work in Progress

I was almost set to finish one of the quilts that I was sent a “center” to work with and I heard the thunder in the distance.  So I had to stop and unplug the machines and go comfort the dog.  She hates lightning and I love my machines too much to take a chance on a power surge!

The borders are not done being quilted so they look a little wavy, but they will be fine when I finish.  Next time I take photos I'll try to remember to include the batik backing.  I love this little quilt!  The center fabrics are so soft and huggable and I love the look of the batik.

Some quilts are just harder than others to give away!  If Sarah says it’s ok, this one might go to Russia with Quilts Beyond Borders.  Maybe I can finish it up tonight when the showers pass…

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Anonymous said...

I think this is my favorite ever!