Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Finish to Show!

Finally, I had a full afternoon to sew – no storms in sight.  I was able to finish up this soothing blue quilt:

And I love the batik backing - perfect colors!

I was sent the center (with the squares all sewn) to do whatever I wanted to finish it up to 40x60 and send off to Quilts Beyond Borders.  So I added the medium blues and blue/grays for the borders and the appliqué and quilted it up.  I think a young lady will like it a lot.  All of the fabrics are so soft to the touch – it is very huggable!

And I made a lot of progress on the Lighthouses:

Again, the center was completed by a fellow guild member and sent to me to finish up.  I don’t know if the blocks on the ends look more like pinwheels or boat propellers!  Either way is ok to accompany the lighthouses …

I walked again this evening and found a few interesting items.  Our newspaper’s garden section recently had an article about lichens and I saw that a lot of the palms along my walk had lichens on them.  This one had both lichens and ferns:

And this was a pretty bed of bougainvillea (which is not easy to spell):

And both of my sago palms are “fronding”.  No, that’s not a technical gardening term – LOL.  Just means they have several rows of new fronds and are getting huge!

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