Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reporting on Sunday - Extras

Last Friday was my monthly Quilts of Valor meeting, so I usually finish up some of those projects the week before to take along with me.  The first is a Jelly Roll-type quilt made up from pieces that I bought for just $2 at a guild’s shop during their quilt show.  Someone had cut the strips and had sets pinned together – it looked like the intention was to use them to make a log cabin, but I just went the easy route and made the Jelly Roll pattern.  I think these always look better after they are quilted.

This second one was pieced by someone in the QOV group and I quilted it with my new computerized long-arm.  I think it turned out great!
I wish I had made this top - it is gorgeous!

Detail showing Allegiance pantograph

Quilt before binding was hand-sewn down at the meeting

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and my LQS is having a challenge to collect pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer.  That group’s mission is to help children smile while battling life threatening illnesses.  You can learn more about this group at:

These are the pillowcases that I made up last night and took to the shop today (and the close-ups of the cute fabrics – I just love the designs!):
Lined up and ready to go

I LOVE those dinosaurs

Puppy toes are always popular

This is the last of my cats-in-the-tulips fabric and I will miss it!

Remind you of a circus?

My favorite footwear ...

And today I MUST finish bindings for my Wrap-a-Smile quilts … I have been saying this for weeks!  I’d like to get a box in the mail ASAP … [more best-laid-plans??].

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happily Quilting Again!

This is the latest that I called “Not a Maze” all quilted – done in Retro Leaves (a digital computerized pattern) - now I just have to get some bindings done.

My DH and I decided to bite the bullet and tackle changing out a seemingly faulty switch on my new-to-me longarm.  OK.  True confessions … I decided that we would tackle the switch and dragged him kicking and moaning up-the-down staircase – claiming all of the way that he didn’t know anything about electricity.  Oh yeah?  Then why did you work for an electric utility for 30 years?  But I was an Accountant  he whined …[and he was a darn good one].

We followed the instructions kinda loosely since that exact part isn’t made anymore:

And we did a great job:

Except for that small (or rather long) slit down the back of that protective cushy covering.  It tore when we tried to get to the wires.   Maybe I can find a bicycle handle cover to replace that – or electrical tape – or good old duct tape …  But otherwise, the new switch works wonderfully!  We’re geniuses, I gotta tell ya.

This is the back of Not a Maze showing the quilting of the Retro Leaves - I'm having a blast again:

Next up is a large Quilt of Valor.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Sewing

Finished up another kid's quilt on the frame.  This was the Round Robin that the Sunshine Quilters and I did a long time ago.  Since it is wider than I normally make, I was reluctant to quilt it on my old frame that had a "bump" on the rails.  It looks tiny on my new frame!

This is detail of the simple quilting - looping hearts:

And, TaDa!  Now it just needs binding ...

Well, we all know I'd like to be a country girl, but alas, I've always lived in a city.  I was watching this thing come up where I feed the birds and thought that it looked like a corn stalk when the leaves first started coming out:

That made sense since some of the seed I purchase has corn in it.  But, NO!  When the top came out, where were the tassels?

Turns out that I was growing sorgham!

I'm going to let it seed out and give those to the birds ...

This is the latest WIP:

I'm calling it "Not a Maze" since it isn't ...

It will be next on the frame, then I'll have to put on two Quilts of Valor - they might be a challenge.

Fortunately, I had lots of time to sew today.  It rained early, then it was back to blue skies - I wasn't chased away by lightning for a delightful change of pace.  This was the view of the clouds from my sewing room: