Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Sewing

Finished up another kid's quilt on the frame.  This was the Round Robin that the Sunshine Quilters and I did a long time ago.  Since it is wider than I normally make, I was reluctant to quilt it on my old frame that had a "bump" on the rails.  It looks tiny on my new frame!

This is detail of the simple quilting - looping hearts:

And, TaDa!  Now it just needs binding ...

Well, we all know I'd like to be a country girl, but alas, I've always lived in a city.  I was watching this thing come up where I feed the birds and thought that it looked like a corn stalk when the leaves first started coming out:

That made sense since some of the seed I purchase has corn in it.  But, NO!  When the top came out, where were the tassels?

Turns out that I was growing sorgham!

I'm going to let it seed out and give those to the birds ...

This is the latest WIP:

I'm calling it "Not a Maze" since it isn't ...

It will be next on the frame, then I'll have to put on two Quilts of Valor - they might be a challenge.

Fortunately, I had lots of time to sew today.  It rained early, then it was back to blue skies - I wasn't chased away by lightning for a delightful change of pace.  This was the view of the clouds from my sewing room:


Kate said...

Gorgeous quilts! Don't think I knew whar sorghum looked like!

Anonymous said...

I love that round-robin quilt! Not A Maze is cute with a cute name. I'd never seen sorghum before either. I think I remember having bought sorghum flour once; before that I'd heard only of sorghum molasses.