Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fine Arts Quilt Exhibit

The Dunedin Fine Arts Center had a very interesting exhibit recently of art quilts.  If you read this blog, you know that I never make art quilts … mine are, at best, nice-looking (I hope) utility quilts for children.  But this was an especially intriguing show because of two special sections.

The first was called IQ: Masterpieces.  The format was the quilter’s interpretation of a painting by a famous artist (originally done in oils, watercolors, etc) using fabrics, threads and embellishments.  These are a few of my favorites:

The other special section of the show that fascinated me showed selections from the works of Betty Busby.  She translates magnified images from the cellular world into fantastic fabric creations.  Here again are some of my favorites:

But back at my house, I remain in love with my new quilting system.  We are beginning to understand each other (yes, there is a large learning curve!).  I can now distinguish between an operator error and a possible glitch in the system.  The operator errors are slowly being identified and eliminated – LOL.  This is a hint from my first finished quilt without a hint of help from my instructor:

And I almost forgot the deer in the yard.  There are actually two little ones – one is having a love affair with my dog.  One of the little fawns comes up to the screen to try to get the dog to come out to play – the other fawn is properly skittish.  The doe comes and gets it and chases it back into the woods.  Too funny!

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