Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Went to a Guild Meeting

Several friends from my Quilts of Valor group wanted to check out a local quilt guild’s meeting and they invited me to join them.  That was the perfect opportunity for me to go to my first ever guild meeting.  I am too shy to ever just walk in alone!

The guild is close by and is very active.  They hold a semi-annual major show, hold weekly sessions (some workshops, some educational and some sit-and-sews in addition to the monthly business meetings).  They are actively supporting several charity efforts.  And, best of all, they were very nice!

These are some photos of the Show and Tell at the end of the business meeting:
Spicy Spiral Table Runners from a recent workshop

cute vest - see those prairie points?

they support a local woman veteran's shelter

art quilt - painted canvas - more in a later post on these

My friends signed up as interested in joining, but I did not put my name on the list.  Due to the meeting room’s size and some other constraints, the guild limits its membership to just under 100.  If I joined a group such as this, I know I would want to jump in with both feet, especially for the charity/philanthropic projects, and I just don’t have time for that right now.  There are only a few slots open and I wanted my friends to have a chance at them.  I wish them luck!

Sometimes I go by this fountain early in the day on my walk:

And sometimes I go by in the evening:

If it’s in the evening, I can almost guarantee that I am pooped and dragging my feet  on the way home, but I had a good, long walk …

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