Friday, September 6, 2013

Happily Quilting Again!

This is the latest that I called “Not a Maze” all quilted – done in Retro Leaves (a digital computerized pattern) - now I just have to get some bindings done.

My DH and I decided to bite the bullet and tackle changing out a seemingly faulty switch on my new-to-me longarm.  OK.  True confessions … I decided that we would tackle the switch and dragged him kicking and moaning up-the-down staircase – claiming all of the way that he didn’t know anything about electricity.  Oh yeah?  Then why did you work for an electric utility for 30 years?  But I was an Accountant  he whined …[and he was a darn good one].

We followed the instructions kinda loosely since that exact part isn’t made anymore:

And we did a great job:

Except for that small (or rather long) slit down the back of that protective cushy covering.  It tore when we tried to get to the wires.   Maybe I can find a bicycle handle cover to replace that – or electrical tape – or good old duct tape …  But otherwise, the new switch works wonderfully!  We’re geniuses, I gotta tell ya.

This is the back of Not a Maze showing the quilting of the Retro Leaves - I'm having a blast again:

Next up is a large Quilt of Valor.  Wish me luck!

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Kate said...

bicycle handlebar tape - comes in colors and designs!!!! Probably at Wal-Mart bike section, or any bicycle shop for sure! Good for you...