Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally Back to Quilting

I had a wonderful afternoon of quilting today.  I had been working on a red/white/blue mystery quilt along with this Yahoo Group:

This has been a fun mystery to put together, but I fell a little behind in getting the clues cut out and sewn together.  The final clue (#6) came out last Friday, so I’m not so very late.   I expect to be caught up to the point of having the blocks laid out by tonight.  Then sewing them together in rows will be a breeze.  This is my progress to date:
No, it won't always look like a house!
Did I look ahead to the finished assembly to solve the mystery?  You bet I did!  And some of the participants have posted their pictures and they are gorgeous.

And here are a few pictures that I snapped while moving things out of my mother’s assisted living apartment.  First, a very pretty Golden Rain Tree in full bloom.

And the baby ducks that my mother liked to feed.  I think these were born in this unused door-well (an emergency exit only) – the mother has since moved them on to the nearby pond.

And the osprey on the nest on the parking lot light pole.  I’ve been watching for baby’s heads but haven’t seen any peeking out yet.  The large lake is just across the street, so a fish dinner is readily available!  The daddy osprey was sitting on the next pole, but I didn’t get his picture.

More on my mystery quilt tomorrow!

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Quilting Nan said...

Your mystery quilt looks great, I too am a member of that mystery 4 military quilt group. I have all the clues, but haven't even started it.