Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wait ... No Thread???!!!

What is this world coming to when a person can run out of thread for their longarm machine?  I thought I had one more spool and then would order (hopefully with an after-Christmas sale), but NO!

I finished quilting up this one for Project Linus.  It's similar to a previous one but this one has a light outer border and the other one was dark.  The panto was called Anne's Favorite and mirrored some of the flowers in the print:

And then I went to load another, and found that I only had red, gold and blue cones left (for Quilts of Valor quilts).  Big Bummer.  Off went the on-line order and now I wait.

Of course, I went back to working with the homespun fabrics that I had been sent by a friend and it is looking great ... but, still ... out of thread?  Who does that?!

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