Sunday, April 10, 2011

I've Been Distracted

I haven't posted because I've been distracted - and I have nothing to show for it.  But I did finally hurry up and finish this little baby quilt since the baby is now over a week old.  I do like to finish these baby quilts before the child is in kindergarten (LOL!).  This was from Eleanor Burns' Quick Trip Around the World and I only managed to mess up two strips (operator error - she warns you not to do what I did ...).  At least they were fixable (and she tells you how to fix it, too).  And then I put the last two borders on backwards - the last border was supposed to be light colored to hide the binding stitching, but oh, well.  It happens.  This is the quilt and I like how it turned out:

This is the pretty *mommy* side...

And this is the *baby* side!


Pattilou said...

I like how it turned out too! Baby side and a Mommy side--cute!

KimQuiltz said...

My favorite colors and a pattern I have always loved. Beautiful!! Makes me want to take a trip around the world too!