Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Box Ready to Go

Yesterday I posted about Margaret's Hope Chest and showed a picture of a finished quilt that I'm sending in to them.  Oddly enough, I don't have any finished tops sitting around at this time waiting to be quilted, but then I remembered that I had some really cute Princess and the Frog fabric (from the Disney movie).  I had an idea I wanted to try based on the Pretty Easy quilts at Sheryl's site:
I had made one using her exact design and loved it (picture to be posted tomorrow), so this time I used her design except that I made the *logs* smaller in the alternating blocks (2 inch strips rather than 3.5 inch).  This is the finished top that I have included in the box to Margaret's Hope Chest along with the finished quilt from yesterday's post.  I hope some little girl loves it!

Colors not true - it's more lavender and brighter

Box of Hope

You can join in and add your quilts or tops *of Hope* to this great cause and celebrate with them the Fourth Anniversary of their ministry.  It's truly amazing the number of quilts they have distributed and a real blessing for children who have a parent in the prison system.  Such a remarkable way to honor a remarkable woman. 

Here's the link again so you can check out the back storyof this project:

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diplofam said...

oh, that Princess and the Frog top will be perfect for some little girl!! You have gone above and beyond here!! Thank you so much!
Carin from MHC