Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Real Easter Bunny?

Check out the giant rabbit fossils found on Spain’s island of Minorca in the Mediterranean Sea.  They belong to the 26 pound Narulagus rex (King of Bunnies).
Meike Köhler

These rabbits were about six times the size of current-day bunnies, probably due to a lack of predators on the island.  According to paleontologist Josep Quintana at the Catalan Institute of Paleontology in Barcelona, Spain, they lived 3-5 million years ago.  They had shorter ears and did not have the ability to hop due to shorter legs and stiffer spines than modern rabbits.

It must not be the real Easter Bunny as no colored eggs were found in the vicinity of the fossils.

For more information, see this link from LiveScience:

PS  The link does not mention colored Easter Eggs – LOL!

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