Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quilt Books and Magazines

Let’s face it.  I am a Book and Magazine addict.  I am incapable of pulling myself away from the racks when I have an unused 50%-off coupon.  Why do I capitalize "Books and Magazines"?  Why, because they are my friends, of course!

I have no need of more books.  I have no need of more magazines.

Well, maybe I do.  I pour over them when I get them.  I go back and reread every ad for a quilt tool that I might “need” and I picture the designs in other colorways.  I invest in scads of post-it flags to mark the quilts I want to make first.  I pull the Books and Magazines out occasionally after I have made something from them and I make something else from them and sometimes I find something new that I can tackle now that my skills are better.  Sometimes I pass them on to people that will love them like I do or when they cannot find an out-of-print issue for a special pattern.  In other words, I derive a huge amount of pleasure from my Books and Magazines!

Now having justified my addiction, this is the Book that I recently bought:
The “…Times Two…”  in the title means that each quilt pattern has two sizes presented – a large and a small version.  The small are often perfect for the children’s quilts that I make and donate.  The stars that I have been working on are from this book, but I have adapted the pattern so that I am making big blocks (16 inches) from the “big” pattern but making a smaller sized quilt.  This is the work in process so far:
All except the background is from one layer cake.  I’m still playing with the placement of lights and darks.  I’ll settle on something soon!
And I did get the above two quilts quilted and off the frame … one is the Cats in the Tulips and the other is the Totally Scrappy from previous posts.  Now to get them bound and into a box – then I’ll feel like I'm really making progress!

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