Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Walking on Wednesdays

I enjoy walking in and around my neighborhood.  The weather has been pleasant recently (although a little windy at times), but it seems like we might just get an early summer.  That is not good news since our summers tend to be very hot and humid.  These are some of the things I see on my walks:
Water feature at a housing development entrance
Bridge across another housing development's pond
What's blooming?  Don't know, but I'd name them Cat's Paws!
"Cat's Paws" Closeup
And I have done a little sewing.  I made my first ever string block following along with the free Craftsy BOM.  I don’t think I’m cut out for string blocks (pun intended).  I’m too much of a matchy-matchy person and I think (1) I made too many of the strings at exactly the same width even though I was making an effort not to and (2) I had first sorted the strings into more closely matching colors.  What I mean is that although these were meant to be made from green strings, I first put them into brighter, clearer colors vs olives and more subdued colors.  This block was the result of the olives:
Brights in the back, olives in the front

Blocks in Process
Finished Block
So then I went on to make a pair of matching blocks called “Rolling Along” just for fun and that felt better!
Nicely matchy-matchy!
I never got back to making that second Craftsy string block (although it did have an interesting star design).  But I’m glad I tried the string technique, so now I know I can donate those strings I’ve been saving to someone with a clear conscience knowing I’ll never use them!!

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Pattilou said...

Isn't it funny--I love, love doing strings! They are something I can turn to when I just want to do some mindless sewing. I do however sort them a bit, as I don't like bright clear colors with creamy, more traditional toned down colors. I like how your string blocks turned out! Yes, there are many who take strings and make beautiful quilts. Good for you knowing what you like to do and do what makes you the happiest!