Saturday, April 28, 2012

Basket Failure

Some days you just can’t win.
I should have used this ...
There I was – happily making up a quilt block that was new to me – a nice, simple basket block from a quilt magazine.  I was humming along with the radio and cutting meticulously when it dawned on me that the basket part was only supposed to be cut from two different sized squares.  Why did I have lots and lots of pieces?  Because I had cut the background out of the lovely green fabric that was supposed to comprise the basket, of course!

No problem – I would just make the background the green and make the basket from the cream color – not too awfully weird.  Until the light colored triangle fell onto the floor and I didn’t notice and I sewed a green triangle into the basket part instead of the light.  Where is the bottom of the basket?
Ghost basket
I predict a little seam-ripping in my future.  Oh well, I did get these two pastel blocks made earlier this month to send off for the April lottery with my group, so all is not lost.  I’ll just be ahead for next year when I get my baskets finished!
Meanwhile, my orchid is still blooming – since I’ve become a basket case today, in a manner of speaking, I think I’ll go watch it grow for awhile …
There's one bloom hidden and two have come out since this picture - Yea!

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