Friday, May 18, 2012

Back in Business

I think I’ve gotten my blog and the picture storage situation settled, but this is the first post so we’ll see!

I have been in daily life crisis mode for a little while and am just now getting back to sewing.  Everything is back to its normal chaos and I’m happy.  Everyone is now well in my house (including the dog, who was sick) and that’s a very good thing.  I’m even thinking about putting out some of my brown-thumb sacrificial zinnias since I saw these while I was walking and they were thriving just a few blocks away from me:
And I was inspired by those zinnia colors to cut out the makings for a few Starz blocks (see the pattern here) that I should be able to sew up tomorrow.
I’ve also laid out the blocks and sashings for the 30s Reproduction fabrics that I am trying to use up.  The darker black and red prints kind of stand out, but I am pushing to use up the last of this lot, no matter what!  Maybe I’ll finish up this top, too, tomorrow.  Tomorrow is beginning to sound like a good day!

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