Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wild Wednesday

Today’s wild things include what’s blooming in the area.  The first is Firecracker Bush down by a local school.  These bushes require a little more water than these appear to be getting, but we should be going into the rainy season soon.
And the water plants are blooming  This one might be a pickerel – I tried to look it up, but there are a bazillion types of water plants that grow in Florida.  Yep…I said a bazillion and I meant it!
And to finish it up:  What’s your philosophy of what constitutes a weed?  This one has flowers of such a pretty color - are you sure it's a weed?
And that brings me around to what I’ve been sewing.  One of the members of the Sunshine Quilt Guild has started a Round Robin.  That’s where one person makes a center block or medallion and sends it to another person who adds rows or blocks all around.  That second person sends it on to a third who does the same.  That third person then sends it back to the originator to finish it up.  We have two groups going, so I should get quilts-in-process or centers from three different quilts.  This will be a creative challenge for me!  This is my center that will be mailed out soon:
And I made up a few lottery blocks, but the fabric is so thin that I think I’ll just keep them and not send them in.  Maybe I can toughen them up enough to endure the hard life of a donation quilt if I back them with muslin.  We’ll see.

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