Saturday, June 30, 2012

Leap Second

Did you enjoy your Leap Second?  At 7:59:59 PM EDT a second was added to the atomic clock at the US Naval Observatory’s Master Clock in Washington, DC.  I was taking a walk and can’t say I noticed!
The old-fashioned way!
Atomic clocks are based on a consistent signal emitted by electrons changing energy states within an atom.  This makes them far more accurate than the old method of basing time on just the Earth’s rotation in relation to other planets and stars.  Since the Earth’s rotation falls behind the clock, the addition of the Leap Second to the clock to relieve the discrepancy was begun.  This will be the 25th adjustment (since 1972 when it began).

Meanwhile, I don’t have much progress to report … the mystery continues, but is starting to come together.
This isn't the layout - I think those top blocks will be borders
And I’m starting to make the stars for the other QOV.  This was just a test block to see if they will fit the pattern if I use the pinwheels.  Now I need some more navy blue fabric and we’ll be cooking!

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