Sunday, December 30, 2012

After the Holidays

Like many of you, this is the time to assess your stash and finally clean up that sewing room … ahem … that is if you have enough time in between playing with your new toys!

I got a wonderful new book and ruler for Christmas from Lazy Girl Designs:
And these are the blocks that I made from them on Christmas Eve – nope, couldn’t wait to start on these and I opened those presents first!

I had to wait until Christmas Day for the other presents, but it was worth the wait … I had another book, a new pattern for a kids’ quilt and new fabric to fondle and dream about making something special.

And I also gave myself the gift of printing my blog.  I used the website Blog2Print and was very happy with the results.  It was much more economical with the holiday discounts (that I expect they will run periodically).  Since I used to use Webshots (that was taken over by Smilebox or their affiliate) and my photo albums aren’t out there anymore, I wanted to preserve my previous blog entries and these little books did the trick for me.  The glossy pages are nice-looking and it’s fun to be able to reread old posts occasionally.

There are other companies that do this same work, but here is the link to the one I used:

And then it was REALLY on with the cleaning.  I took some UFOs, some fabric collections and some patterns and made kits for myself.  I cleared off the tabletops (well, mostly) and went ruthlessly through my dresser drawers of fabrics.  I took the ½ yard cuts that I told myself I would use “someday, if only I had the right things to go with them” and boxed them up to send to a few ladies at a senior citizens’ center in NY/NJ area that had lost all of their quilting supplies in Hurricane Sandy.  I added a few notions that I had duplicates of and mailed them off, too.  These ladies make charity quilts, bless their hearts, and I couldn’t see this fabric sitting around being unproductive when they could be putting it to such good use.

Then, just for fun, I took the only jellyroll that I had (yes, you could say I uncovered it - LOL) and had a Jelly Roll Race with myself.  It was just as quick as they say and I like how the colors of the jelly roll blend together.  I will add side borders to make it a little wider and then I’m done with another child-size top for Wrap-a-Smile.

Detail of "boy" fabrics
On to 2013 ------ I'll be ready!

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