Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Did You Do On 12-12-12?

On this very auspicious day (as far as numerology goes), I ran mundane errands, did a crossroad puzzle, took a walk, took a nap and sewed on my next Little Twister quilt.  I wonder which of those is going to bring me the good luck - LOL?!!

This is the Little Twister that’s still in process:
Set Up Before Cutting Twists

Voila!  Next will be a pink border,
then maybe piano keys ...
And this is the hawk that I saw on my walk.  He’s doing the community a service by keeping the rodent and small snake population down over by the elementary school that’s on a dead end street.  Eat ‘em up, big boy!

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Linda J said...

I was fooling around with one of these a couple months back for Christmas wreaths. I am just fascinated by what others have come up with. Actually I am thinking of doing something like you show to create some "fabric sections' for a tree skirt. BUT I keep see making a snuggle up top and then whacking it all apart to do the twisters, LOL.