Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gorgeous Weather!

A friend from our Sunshine On-Line Quilt Guild posted this on Facebook today:

Made me laugh out loud!  Because it’s all too true … it was wonderful outside here today.  The dog and I romped in the yard a little bit and I wandered around taking some pictures of the flowers in my yard:
Daisy Bush


And I watched the Monarch caterpillars munch away on these:

They will soon have these milkweed plants stripped and eaten down to stalks.  I bought them 3 extra plants last year but I haven’t gotten any more this year – everybody’s going on a diet …
or not - I'll probably get them another plant or two tomorrow.
And just to continue the cheer, I pulled out this Moda fabric bundle and started working on some blocks from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and the 3 Dudes.  It’s the Amazing Jelly Roll Pattern and works up fast.

Isn't this a happy print?

Soon I'll have lots of variety to rearrange the blocks

Two days ago, I finished picking up this design from the floor.  In my Quilts of Valor group, we are in the process of changing our "signature" quilt design to another pattern and trying to use up previously made 4-patch blocks .  I had made up a bunch of HSTs for an easy layout to alternate with the 4-patches.  Once I have the layout in a pleasing pattern, I just number the blocks and rows and somebody else will sew it together at the meeting this month.  They will also add the borders.  Easy-peasy.

So there is some progress to report in the sewing room this month!

PS  The high tomorrow will be about 74 F.  I might have to break out a sweatshirt (not!)-LOL.

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Kate said...

Like that pattern! And people love to make four-patches...