Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hope Your Christmas Was Merry!

For me, yesterday was all about the machines … a new Janome Gem and a label maker, that is!

I wanted a lightweight machine to take to classes and group meetings, so this little 12 lb will do nicely.  It even came with a bonus package that included a ¼-inch foot and extra needles – plus free shipping.  Couldn’t beat that so had to get it …

And the label maker is a must now that I have all of my storage bins organized – of course, I forgot the batteries and had to go out this morning to get them, but this afternoon I will be playing with the new toy!

What about fabric you say?  Well, I might have hit a few sales and picked up a few Fat Quarters to fill in some colors I was lacking – LOL.

And I spotted this magazine that was all about Fat Quarter quilts, so it jumped right into the shopping cart – obviously not my fault ...

And this was the only snow we’re likely to see down here in Florida, and that’s ok with us.  Snow can be very pretty, but I’ve noticed that it usually waits until it’s cold to snow (snork, snork) so we’ll take our balmy 74 today, thank you very much.

And my husband got a few things, too, but golf balls, tennis shoes and computer games just aren’t quilty enough to take pictures of!

So as the moon begins to rise over the end of the year 2013,
I wish you Happy Quilting!

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