Sunday, January 12, 2014

B-r-r-r and Then ----- Not

Well, the polar vortex came down as far as Florida.  And we felt the need to join in with the other 49 States so they could report the weather event that all 50 States had below freezing temps somewhere within the state.  Don’t want to be left out of that one, for sure (NOT):

So I dutifully covered my plants – a big project since I had to hold down the covers with extra brick pavers due to the high winds that night.  And we sure were cold!

You’ll notice that my giant furball of a dog didn’t want to come in since she’s lovin’ this cold weather, hence the grumpy look.

But this is Florida after all, and we tend to warm back up quickly.  It was back up to 78 within a few days and we had to put those layers of clothing back into the closet.  It’s a bummer to wear those clothes only three days a year, but I’m sure they will be back before the season’s over.  It’s a very pleasant 68 out now so no excuse not to go for a walk …

BTW, the flowers appreciated my efforts (and the warm rain last night didn’t hurt):

I was able to finish up another Quilt of Valor top to take to the meeting this coming Friday.  We are trying to use up all of the 4-patches that the volunteers have made to transition to a new design for 2014.  Don’t know what the design is yet – it’s a secret until Friday!

I have selected the fabrics for and started cutting a Big Block children’s quilt.  Haven’t gotten far yet, so that’s for next post.

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