Sunday, March 30, 2014

Road Trip

I didn’t get any quilting done today because I went on a fun road trip to an Outlet Mall south of Tampa.  It was forecast to be a gloomy day, but fortunately for us, the rain and severe thunderstorm held off until we were ready to leave in the early afternoon.  I didn’t get any good pictures of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge due to the cloudy conditions, but this is what our suspension bridge looks like:

Those big concrete “bumpers” are there due to a tragic bridge accident back in 1980 when a tanker hit the old bridge causing portions of the roadway to collapse.  Many of us pause to say a small prayer for those who lost their lives that day when they see a tanker approaching like this one we saw today:

The new bridge is much safer now and we can attest that it is well-traveled!

I didn’t help the economy much today at the outlets … suffice to say that if there had been a fabric store there I would have contributed much more to the Nation’s economic recovery!  This is a photo of one part of the shopping center – the sign cracked me up.  It reads “Do not touch stones or plants”.  I have enough trouble carrying shopping bags.   I really doubt I would carry stones home in my pockets … now little kids might … who knows?!

But I received a great box in the mail this past week from a fellow charity quilter.  Just look at the ideas contained in these piles:

Someone else’s unfinished projects are always way more interesting than our own!  I have lots of creative thoughts flowing right now …
I see an I-Spy quilt here, for sure!

I love these crumb blocks for a strippie quilt.

And lots of homespuns - the box in the back is what I have to go with what I rec'd!

But yesterday, I did finish up the quilting on another one of Beth’s quilts (still have to bind it though).  The panto is called "Batik" and has cool lotus blossom buds in it.

And this one is actually off of the frame now – waiting for its binding, too.  This panto is called "Cotton Candy" and looks like puffy clouds.

So tomorrow should be a wonderful quilty day!

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