Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Project Linus Finish

I quilted up this cute dinosaurs panel last night for Project Linus:

I used a recently purchased digital dinosaur pantograph and I wasn’t very happy with the results.  It seemed to me that the stitching was very jagged, almost erratic.  A lot of the turns and zig-zags were a single stitch long, so the overall stitching did not appear very smooth.

Some of the problem could be in the digitizing, but it could also be that I changed the size of the panto from 9 inches tall to 7 inches and I changed the pattern density.  I guess I’ll have to experiment on some scrap muslin to see if I can get it to stitch out better next time – could all be operator error – and I'd like to use it again because I thought the dinosaurs were cute and good for “boy” quilts.  We’ll see.

And the jury’s still out on the homemade numbering pins.  My least favorite chore is picking up blocks off of my "design floor" and I always number the rows so they go back together in the right order.  I have been using post-it notes and reusing them until they fall apart. The “real” genuine numbered pins are so very expensive that I thought I’d give a sharpie marker and flathead daisy pins a try first!  Here are some in my homemade carrier that I can roll up and set aside in between uses:

I know the flatheads that I purchased were very inexpensive and might not be a good choice for the experiment.  I lost one of the “heads” that pulled off when I was at the last Quilts of Valor meeting and I never could find it on the floor.  That just might happen to them all, but I’ll keep you posted if these last very long!  Here they are numbering the rows of my scrappy trails blocks that are ready to be sewn together:

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