Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fun is Packing a Box!

I finally finished up quilting a few more donation quilts for Beth in NJ and have enough kid-size quilts to fill a box.
These will be going to Wrap-a-Smile for children undergoing cleft lip/cleft palate surgery around the world.  These are the last two I quilted up for Beth:

panto is Cotton Candy

aren't those cats darling?!

panto is called Floral Garden
And I scored big when a friend told us about The Cotton Loft’s going-out-of-business sale on-line.  The prices are excellent for quilt shop quality fabric.  The hitch is that you take what you get.  If you order 5 yds and they only have 3 yds left, they will ship you the 3 yds.  I got most of everything I ordered (only ½ yd short on one fabric and 1 yd short on another).  It was kind of a surprise package, but they definitely warn you before you order – and they keep the website really current.  It has been going on for awhile, so I expect more shortages if you order now.  I got these for backings:

I sure feel sorry for those readers who live in the parts of the US/Canada that are being pounded by snow, sleet, ice and extremely cold conditions.  I hope you stay inside, safe and warm!  We will be getting rain today and tomorrow and then a big drop in the temperature.  When it gets in the 40s and 50s (4 -10 C), we freeze down here in Florida!  But meanwhile, things are blooming here:

redbud trees

lots of ornamental grasses

Let’s hope the plants enjoy the rain that’s coming …

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