Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Sewing and Extras

I thought summer was supposed to be a relaxing, more laid back time.  Hasn’t happened yet for me!  My DH had a grueling year of medical interventions, but is now doing extremely well, so he is raring to go and make up for lost time.  That includes getting his golf game back up to snuff.  We have been playing at a little executive course so he can work on his short irons – in this heat that wipes me out for the whole day, but the course is nice and I’m losing weight – that’s a plus!
Hole No. 1 - over water? No fair ...
The course has lots of critters and some have highly developed skills that would rival any good sneak thief.  This is where my purse with the granola bar was in the basket with the towel completely covering it:

When I went to retrieve the granola bar, it was missing!  I was bummed, big time.
suspected perp

Oh, yeah.  This guy snagged something from a cart.

These big guys do not steal things – I like them:
see the cranes?

I have been concentrating on finishing things and making easy tops to get some boxes shipped out of here and into the hands of the kids that need them.  This batik started with the intentions of becoming a table runner with a braided center.  Then I got some orphan blocks from a friend and they had some of the same batiks.  A donation top was just meant to be.  The blocks were added to the sides and this is the result:

The inspiration for this little quilt was a pattern called Hopscotch.  The actual Hopscotch quilt is cuter, as it had 3 columns of vertical sashing, but I whipped this up one evening and finished quilting it last night (done is good):

And the other thing distracting me recently?  Why it was the New Horizons Mission to Pluto, of course.   I’m just nuts about space exploration and I’ve been glued to the TV or Internet watching to see the new discoveries.  I can’t begin to fathom 3 billion miles or 32,000 miles per hour, but I do know that there is a lot more out there than we know about.  Fascinating stuff.  This site has lots of good info:
And one of the things on it is “Pluto Time”.  Since Pluto is so far from our Sun, the light reaching it is weak.  These are my photos of what noon looks like on Pluto:
8:33 EST = noon on Pluto

Too cool !!

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Ginny said...

On the tennis courts, critters will actually go inside someone's bag if they smell any food at all! They are resourceful.

I love your hopscotch quilt!
Glad to hear GT is going so well.