Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Taking On the UFO Challenge

I've decided that after the holidays I will put some more structure in my life (but in a fun way, of course).  This is not a New Year's Resolution because I don't do well with those ... LOL!

I have decided to get on board with Judy Laquidara's 2011 UFO Challenge.  See her blog and a description of the challenge over at Patchwork Times:

I've put a button on my sidebar and hope to keep updating my progress on the UFO finishes.  It should be interesting to see if I stick with pulling the number out of a hat and working on that designated UFO, but that's the fun part!  I'm going upstairs now to count my UFOs (and try to find where I've hidden them all ...).  Here's a peak at the first couple that are in zip lock bags or in the basket waiting to be quilted:
Blocks from block swaps
Waiting to be quilted

And, BTW, it is cold once again in Florida.  This is the frost that was on the ground still at 10:00 this morning (this side gets the afternoon sun).  Even with the frost, this little iris just keeps blooming ... what a cheerful plant.

This post is now edited with my first 12 UFOs for the Challenge:
30s Sampler
Trail to Treadlonia
Batik Squares
Pink/Green Antique Tile
Mary Englebreit Panel
Blue/White Monkey Wrench
Green Swap Blocks
Fall Square in Squares
Scrappy Strips
30s H Blocks
30s Scrappy Hearts
Bears in the Farmhouse

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