Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I've Been Busy

I have had no time to update my blog or quilt since I finished the last baby quilt.  First came the lost dog.

This adorable Husky was wandering loose by a nearby elementary school on a deadend street.  I was afraid he would find his way up to the busy cross-street, so I took him home and got my dog's leash and started walking the nearby neighborhoods.  He had a collar, but no tags.  He was thin but otherwise healthy and well-cared for.  I thought it would be easy to find his owner nearby.  Too late I realized that I should have taken him straight to the vet and had him scanned for a microchip.  By the time I thought of it, the vets were closed and, of course, closed the next day on Sunday.  He was well-trained in the house, but not leash-trained and he was a strong dog!  I can see why they are well suited to pull sleds.  If only I was young enough to rollar-blade he would have been a blast.   Finally on Monday I was able to get him scanned and after a long song and dance (chip registration hadn't been updated), got him back where he belonged.  And that was almost 20 miles away.  Turns out he was just over a year old and still very much a puppy - loved to play, loved rawhide bones, loves stuffed animals and loved to run.  Way too energetic for our household and our 7 yr old furball.  I'm sure glad this story had a happy ending.  I guess the moral is to get those pets microchipped and be sure to update it if the animal changes owners or moves.

The second thing that has kept me from quilting is that while searching for a possible owner or rescue group on-line, I got a rather nasty virus.  Our computer was locked up for most of a day until we could get rid of any trace of it.  What a mess.

I hope to be back on track tomorrow!

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