Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Places I’d Like to Visit

I read in a book recently about an event that is held annually on Martha’s Vineyard.  It is called the “Grand Illumination” and I looked it up and apparently just missed it (like I could really go this year, but a girl can dream ...!).  It was held this past week on August 15th.  All of the gingerbread cottages around the Martha’s Vineyard Campgrounds and Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs take part in the event.
The cottages are adorable and a sight themselves, but when they are all strung with oriental lanterns and lit in unison at dusk, they are truly a sight to behold.  What a great family outing this would be.
The event begins with a concert and community sing prior to the Illumination, a tradition that has been upheld since 1869.  I’ve heard that the cottages have been handed down from generation to generation and if, heaven forbid, one of the cottages should come up for sale it is immediately snapped up just through word of mouth.  Apparently, the lanterns stay with the cottage!
Wouldn’t it be cool to make a house-themed quilt using the Grand Illumination as your inspiration?  Just think of all the great embellishments …

Here’s one block pattern for a cottage (with tutorial) from Nanette Merrill at Freda’s Hive:

And here is a more typical house pattern (easy peasey) from Janet Wickell at About.Com:

Just had to add this to my long list of quilts to make!

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