Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's in the Works

Nothing earth-shattering - I have been working on bindings … lots and lots of bindings:
Remember that I was shocked that I had 8 tops stacking up waiting to be quilted?  Well, I’ve whittled that stack down to only 2 still needing to be quilted.
the finished stack is growing - 5 down, 3 to go
And this one is quilted and only needs to be bound.
I’ve had to start and stop since we’ve been having electrical storms in the area.  The clouds looked beautiful in the sunset, but parts of our area have been pounded with rain.
Today alone, we had 2.96 inches.  Can’t say that’s not a good thing, but I hate unplugging my sewing machine when I’m on a roll!

Speaking of rolls … did I tell you that I picked up a wonderful Jelly Roll with the last of my birthday gift cards?
Just look at these great colors!  I have a pattern in mind – watch this spot for an update sometime soon …

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