Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grandparent’s Day

Last Sunday was Grandparent’s Day – one of those Hallmark holidays.  So my brother and SIL and their family came down to visit my mother, 86, who is in poor health.  My brother has three boys and two have wives and one has a 2-yr old baby girl (my mother’s first great-grandchild).  There was a real crowd and it made my mother very happy to see everyone.  They came to FL from Colorado, Illinois and Indiana.
 We ate at John’s Pass Village, close to where they were all staying near my mother at the beach.  They all got to see the dolphins swimming in the intercoastal waterway.

View from their condo
They have a boardwalk of shops there right on the water and the baby discovered the stuffed dog in front of the pet store – it’s hard to capture a picture of her since she’s a little perpetual motion machine!
Now You See Her

Now You Don't !!
 Of course, I couldn’t forget about quilting and when I saw the tile in the bath at their condo, I had to take a photo – LOL!
 But I did finish up a top this weekend from a great book called “Take 5” by Kathy Brown – I got this book for my birthday and will be making more from it soon, since it’s so good:
 You use just 5 different fabrics and can work up some great looking tops really fast with her excellent directions.  The stripes in this one don’t photograph well, but the colors are bright and vibrant and the print has little raccoons and mushrooms - perfect for a child's quilt:

And lastly, I noticed this little beastie sticking his head up from the grass in our yard:
He’s a snapping turtle that I guess wanted a little relief from all of the standing water back in our conservation area.  Even when they’re small like this guy, they can bite your fingers off, so I gave him a wide berth!

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