Saturday, September 1, 2012

I’ve Been Busy

Even though I’ve been busy, I only have bits and pieces to show for it.  I made a quick appliqué block to send to a swap group member that had a crisis in her family.  The blocks were to be any blue heart design on a yellow background and another member has volunteered to put it together into a quilt.  I hope it will be a comfort.
I had it in the envelope then remembered I wanted to take a picture
Then I finished up my round of our Round Robins that are circulating from another group.  The person who sent this center also included a piece of the focus fabric that could be used or not – the recipient’s choice.  When I received it, another person had already done the cute triangles with yellow for her Round 1 addition, so I went subtle and used the focus fabric a lot in my Round 2.  I wish I had had some yellow so the 4-patches would have popped out more, but red is what I had on hand.
 I have been trying to keep up my walking in between the rain storms.  I took these pictures of a Gardenia that has been shaped into tree form last week and when I walked by today (without my camera, of course), the tree is full of blooms and you can smell the lovely gardenia fragrance before you even get to that house.
gardenia flower

gardenia tree
 And the rains have made this beautiful Bleeding Hearts bush burst into flower also.  Guess the plants around here were thirsty and are now grateful for the quenching!
I just like this giant elephant ear plant.  I don’t recall seeing any at the stores or plant nurseries, but I think they’re cool.
 And last, but not least, I sent off a box to Wrap-a-Smile with 6 quilts in it.  I still have 2 of the 8 yet to quilt, but thought I was taking too long and just wanted to get these out the door.  One more is on the frame – so maybe tomorrow (I say that a lot…).
So maybe I do have a little something to show for where my time went!

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