Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Full Day All to Myself to Quilt!

Finally, I had a full day to myself … what to do?
Ñ        I could garden – the weather is good right now.
Ñ        I could cook – we need cookies (who doesn’t?).
Ñ        I could clean house – not an option in my book.
Ñ        I could do laundry – no way!
Ñ        I could quilt ALL day – now there’s an idea who’s time has come!!!

I finished up quilting and binding the little Rogue’s Gallery quilt:

I quilted the Americana quilt (although it still needs to be bound).  I'll show the finished quilt later.

And I cut out the blocks for my latest – Polka Dots (or should that be Lots of Dots?) and started swing them together:
I’m lovin’ the brights in this one!  And the alternating dots and solids.  Just a fun quilt.

Aren’t days to all to yourself wonderful?!


Pattilou said...

I love days all to myself. I should be due one soon. :))))

Always fun to check in and see what you are doing. Love those brights btw!

Linda J said...

The quilts are adorable!