Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After the Vacation Sewing

You can get a lot done while you have a load of wash in the washing machine!  And I must admit that we had a lot of laundry after our vacation (sigh...).

I have been able to finish the red stars for the Quilt of Valor in process:
I was able to sew together the middle of the Rogue’s Gallery child’s quilt (still have to get to the store to get the orange polka dot fabric for the border):
And I was happy to finish quilting the borders and sew the binding on this quilt – the fabric is called Boy’s Toys.  It will go in the box to Wrap-Them-in-Love.

Detail of vehicles
 Only one more to go from that stack of 8!

And this is the Turtle of the Day in the Yard.  This is one of the biggest Box Turtles that I’ve seen around here.  Its shell was about 11 inches long.  I have no idea why we’re seeing these turtles in our back yard, but they’re fun …

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