Friday, April 5, 2013

Something Simple

Sometimes you just want to use up a few fabric leftovers and make up something quick and easy.  That’s the theory anyway.  I have used the Quick Strippie pattern from before with great success.  No matter what novelties you use, this design always looks great - and you can modify it to fit the fabric pieces you have available.

So I blissfully cut up the leftover smallish pieces from the tote bag I made for Sadie’s Dream for a Cure (see this post) and began sewing the strips together:
See what’s wrong with the above picture?  Those darn elephants on top are standing on their heads!  I knew the jungle print was directional, but I thought that the goofy elephants went every which-away in the other fabric .  Well, no they don't - sure, it's easy to see now.  Glad I own a seam ripper (don’t we all have that old-faithful tool readily at hand?!) …

But now the strippie is done, the fabric is all used up, and it’s on the frame to quilt.  Simple can be made simply after all – LOL!

I did make up some star block kits for my Quilts of Valor group meeting later this month.
~25 kits for star blocks

sample star blocks

Maybe that’s why my brain was tired!  A star-in-a-star pattern can be found at McCall’s Quilting:
Where this pattern has an internal star, we will be using the pinwheels that result from our leftover triangles from snowball blocks – waste not, want not they always say!

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