Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall in Florida

We don’t have the distinct seasons and the dramatic changing of the leaves like many parts of the US, but we do have subtle signs that let us know that Fall is in the air!  For example, we have some vines that die off:

And some pine needles that fall:

And some lovely wildflowers:

And, of course, the seasonal wearing of the Halloween costume by the dog:

What?!  You didn’t recognize Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?  See the two different bandanas?  Look again … LOL.

We were fortunate to get some rain – we needed it.  This view was taken from the Bayside bridge looking at the rain coming across Tampa Bay:

So I have been inside quilting children’s quilts for Wrap-a-Smile.  I’ve been testing digital pantographs.  This panel got the fish (there's some large and some small):

And this one got the paw prints (you can see some toes to the right of the lion’s head):

But I’m still having tension problems, so I’ve ordered a Towa bobbin tensioner.  Hope it gets here soon!

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