Sunday, November 17, 2013

Organizing Workspace

My sewing room has been in somewhat of a disarray since I got my new-to-me longarm and frame.  I had to remove a 10-drawer dresser and a daybed to make room for the frame in the room and my fabric and supplies have been all over and disappearing into mysterious places ever since.  It’s been very hard to get motivated to make something if you can’t find the makings, so to speak:
Was that kiddie fabric in this box?

Or was it in that blue basket?!

A friend and I decided to go over by the airport to this giant store to see what they had:

And my word!  They had EVERYTHING … containers for whatever you can think of;  everything big and small in the kitchen, in the closet, in the home office, in the kid’s rooms, in garages, on patios and every place in between – except for what I was really looking for … so sad.

I’ve had a small, plastic unit of drawers on wheels for years – and it was just the right height to fit under my frame and out of the way.  But, I wanted something with wider drawers to put my fabric in.  So I trotted over to Joann’s to see if they had something wider … and they did.  After using my 40% off coupons and taking the two home that they had in stock (just to make sure they fit), I went to another Joann’s store and used 2 more coupons and bought the two that they had.  Then, since I had to wait for more coupons to come - and Joann's to get more stock (apparently each store only keeps two in inventory at a time), I got to work putting stuff away.
The fabric went here
And the small notions went into these
I love my new organizing system and I’m back in business being inspired to make tops now that I can find stuff!  Today’s WIP:
child's Dr Seuss in process

mystery quilt for Quilts of Valor

Of course, I still have these to cut into fat quarters (or strips or squares) and put away, but I have some empty drawers just waiting to receive them!  It was a good weekend.

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