Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back from Vacation

We’re back, but I still have some great photos to share of places we visited in North Carolina.  We stopped one day in the Biltmore Village.  This is a shot of the All Souls Cathedral (Episcopal) – isn’t that architecture gorgeous?!

And this is a shot of some of the shops – each was unique and had interesting things:

I picked up this darling hedgehog just because he begged to come home with me (I’m weak that way …):

He’s actually a Christmas tree ornament with a clip on his underside, but I suspected he would like to be in my sewing room all year, so there he lives!

And this is the best-looking McDonald’s I’ve seen (on the outskirts of the Village) – and no, we didn’t eat there.  We ate in a bakery and café – great choice – I had a tasty quiche and peanut butter pie (well, I was on vacation, after all!).

We also stopped in Chimney Rock:

I found this great rack in an antique store.  It was displayed with small thread spools, but I thought my few thread cones would fit and they do!

And I found this beautifully enameled magnetic butterfly to hold my glasses in my sewing room.  It is now clipped to my quilting frame and my glasses now have a home.

Speaking of my quilt frame, this is what I did with the leftovers from the Mickey Mouse quilt that went to India – this is Mickey Mouse 2 – it still needs to be bound.

Now, on to more quilting …

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