Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilting Again

Yesterday’s project was a cute top made by the MIL of the sister of a friend in NJ (a fellow member of our Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild).  Nice networking Beth!

Beth warned me of the possibility of rippling borders.  This happens when a person does not measure the mathematically correct side and top borders to square up the quilt.  But this particular quilt had another small issue:

Yep … this happened to me once, too.  The is where someone had fussy cut a piece out (you can tell by the pinked edges), then the rest of the yardage was unknowingly cut for borders forgetting there was a dip in it.  So my solution was to cut all of the borders down by a small amount – and it ended up helping tremendously with less rippling since there was less fabric in the borders (win-win).

The pictures don’t do it justice, but the center is the Disney princesses (or are they fairies since some of them have wings? I have to keep up with Disney – it’s mandatory in the State of Florida – ha!):

This top also used several different materials – one was a textured thin material, the awua below (maybe a type of chenille – can’t remember the name) with raised thread dots, and one was a pique (that might have been a cotton blend) and, of course, quilting cotton.  I wasn’t sure how the machine would quilt these various types – i.e., would the tension handle it ok?  But they all worked beautifully and the aqua has a nice feel with that texture.  I just wish it wasn't so thin.

The quilting is a panto called Fable (appropriate, huh?).  This is the finish before binding … that stack is growing …

Those squares that appear grey are actually light green and light blue!

I have more of these tops to finish and some of Beth’s, too, so it’s up to the sewing room I go!