Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hand Work Before Quilting

The local Project Linus group was given this darling piece to use for one of their quilts:

The pretty pink-checked gingham fabric is mostly finished with “chicken-scratch” embroidery.  Remember chicken-scratch?
 "Chicken scratch embroidery" is a form of cross-stitch
            embroidery done on gingham fabric, also known as "teneriffe,
            depression lace" or "snowflaking" among other names.
Almost everyone’s mom had some checked gingham aprons in her kitchen drawers with embroidery on them:
photo credit:  Blog Second Hand Roses
So before I attempted to quilt this one up, I decided to dig out all of my embroidery flosses and see if I could remember how to work these stitches and finish this little project.
I was organized many years ago!  This is box 1 of 2.
This is where it looks like someone else had the same idea to finish it, but gave up on completing the work – this heart was partially completed:
No two stitchers have exactly the same touch – and this little piece as a slightly different look than the heart on the right of it.  My stitches are likely to look slightly different also, but by the end, they will all blend in and the piece will be darling!

The one design is done using the Circle-Stitch and the other is the New Smyrna Star Stitch.  Yep … I remember how to do those.  So now I have something to do while sitting in waiting rooms … I should be done by this time next year – LOL!


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