Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lazy Sunday

I’ve been goofing off.  I know, it’s difficult to tell since I’m retired and goof off a lot anyway.  I forgot to pick up April’s Project Linus tops to quilt the two for this month so I’ll have to get over there tomorrow to get those.  And it’s been a bit warm to pull weeds and get new mulch.  What?!  It’s only going to get warmer?  There goes that excuse …

But I did get my little Angry Birds top put together with the border on.  I have the backing ready to go and the binding cut, so there will be a UFO finish for Stashbusters this month and it’s #3 in the Numbers game so I’m on track for that, too.  That’s something.

We did see an unusual bird in our pond – a Roseate Spoonbill.  They aren’t uncommon in this area but where I usually see them is in the boggy the waste areas and ponds around golf courses.  This one might have been pushed down here by the controlled burn in a Preserve northwest of us:

We had rather large ash bits raining down on us due to the prevailing winds all that evening and maybe this guy took refuge:

He (she) didn’t stay long, but it was welcome to stay as long as it liked!

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